We'll se whether there is life on Mars

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Mission to search for life on Mars is being prepared

Mars is of particular interest to researchers, because it has water on it! It's frozen at Mars' poles, but it's still water. And as we have been told countless times, water means life. So, even though Mars seems like a dead rock, floating in the vastness of space, it may house at least simple single-celled organisms. But none of that can be done by gazing through a telescope. We'll have to fly up to Mars, land on it, and survey the land for life signs. Luckily, the design of a probe capable of accomplishing this mission is already constructed, and has recently received more funding in order to improve. The journey to Mars and back is a long one, and we wouldn't want the probe with data to malfunction and get lost in space, would we?

The probe is named in honor of the late Nobel laureate Harold C. Urey. After (hopefully) successfully landing, it will start taking samples of Mars' surface and will try to identify organic material (if any) in it. It will dry freeze the sample, so that any liquids would be removed, heat it up again and concentrate the organic molecules. And all this will be performed by an apparatus barely the size of a palm! The huge probe itself is needed to successfully traverse Mars' rough surface and face any other dangers. If no organic material will be found, the mission won't be a waste, as the probe will also measure the environment's ability to degrade organic compounds through oxidation. This may provide insight on why no organic material is found on Mars.

The mission is scheduled for 2013 and everything is being done for it to happen on time. Life on Mars would mean that life isn't as rare in the universe as we may think. It's like, when you're in an uninhabited island, and you find a parrot to talk to and treat as your friend. With the galaxy being millions of light years wide, simple organisms on Mars may prove to be the closest friend to us.

Avalanche on planet Mars

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Mars's Relief Changes

A NASA spaceship took a unique photo of an avalanche in action (or after the action, i didn't really get that) on February 19th, 2008. The photo, was taken by the High Resolution Imaging Experiment (HiRISE) on NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

A series of avalanches on Mars

Scientists noticed the avalanche purely by chance, while checking for seasonal changes on Mars. The area in which the avalanches took place is 3.7 miles wide, 37 miles long and near the north pole. The slope from which the red dust came rumbling down is around 2300 feet high. Natural changes on Mars are rarely recorded, and some known places are said to have been unchanged for millions of years. Scientists are trying to figure out whether something unusual caused this or the avalanches are a part of spring changes.

Personally i think something of a much bigger scale is working somewhere in the background. I understand that this is the first RECORDED avalanche on Mars, but what could have caused such drastic changes in a place that has been calm for millions of years? Maybe Mars's poles are also shifting like Earth's, causing magnetic field changes and moving the little rock and iron particles? Well, I'm not a scientist, so i'll just wait for what they have to say.

Tank purchased over the internet

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The internet was created to quickly exchange information between several computers at the most important institutions. Later on it spread towards the general public, taking over the roles of newspapers, radio broadcasts, television shows, even shops! These days you can buy products even from countries that are far away and get them shipped over to you. It's almost as if nothing can surprise you, eh? Well, what happened recently just stunned me.

Someone purchased a working T-55 soviet tank on the internet. The seller is a Latvian, and the tank was even registered as a tractor vehicle, had it's own number plates. Does that mean you can drive around in the city in it? If this didn't surprise you, let me rephrase it: a 39-ton metal soviet warbeast was on sale next to iPods and all other small things you can imagine, on an auction website similar to ebay.A T-55 model tank Oh, and... did i mention it's a TANK. God, would i love to have one. Hey, i wonder, if i would buy a tank on ebay.com, how much would shipping to Europe cost? So, what's next? Nuclear warheads on ebay? Time will tell...